Aerosol extinguishing systems:

- Versatility
- Ecological
- Easy installation
- Easy maintenance
- It occupies very little space

It can be used with class A, B, C and F fires.
- Class A: Common fuels (wood or trash)
- Class B: Flammable or combustible liquids (gasoline, solvents)
- Class C: Electrical equipment (voltage must not exceed 75 kV)
- Class F: Vegetable or animal oils and fats (kitchens)

How it works?

- Acts in chain reaction of fire, eliminating free radicals from the flame.
- Concentrated aerosol composed mainly of potassium salts.
- Does not exhaust oxygen during extinction!

Ecological product
- Its effects on the atmosphere are insignificant, so it has a clear advantage compared to gases used for similar extinctions.
- The state is imposing everyday more taxes and restrictions to avoid the greenhouse effect caused by some gases.

Where can it be installed?
- Fixed installations: trafo, electrical panels, industrial machinery, warehouses, offices, archives, tunnels.
- Installations for vehicles: Buses, trucks, tractors, railways.
- Marine rooms: Boats

Certifications and accreditations worldwide

- CEN TR 15276-1 & 15.276-2
- ISO 15779: 2011 - Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
- NFPA 2010 - Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
- UL 2775 - Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems Units
- ULC 2775 - Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems Units
- Activefire AS4487-2013
- Kiwa BRL-K23001 / abr 2013
- IMO MSC.1 / Circular.1270
- RINA MSC.1 / Circular.1270
- Bureau Veritas BV Rules Part C CH4 SOLAS 74, es amended, Ch II.2 IMO MSC / Circ. 1007 IMO MSC. 1 / Circ. 1270

What does the installation consist in?

- Control center
- Control modules for the generators
- Spray generators
- Detection: point detectors, thermal cable, detection by aspiration, etc.
- Stop button
- Trigger button
- Disconnection key (for maintenance)


Check the following items:

- Electrical wire
- Electrical ignition terminals
- Electrical contacts
- Clamping screws
Replace the aerosol generators after 15 years.