Dry Riser Inlet systems are exclusively for firefighters, and are designed for buildings with an evacuation height of more than 24 m in all cases but for Hospitals, which are needed when the evacuation height is above 15 meters, and in case of parking lots, when there are more than 3 floors under ground level or more than 4 floors above ground level.

The system consists of a water entrance, located in an easy and accessible area, on the facade of the ground floor of the building. There we find a Siamese connection, with keys and 70 mm fittings, with a 25 mm purge key.

The pipe column is made with galvanized steel of DN80 (3"). There will be a Siamese connection, with 45 mm, installed in even plants up to the 8th floor, and from there, we have to install them, in all floors. Every 4 floors a sectioning valve has to be installed. In the case of downward columns, the sectioning valve and Siamese connection has to be installed, on each floor.

There has to be at least 1 dry riser connection for each 60 meters.

Every 5 years, the sealing test must be performed, with a pressure test at least at 15 bar, for heights up to 30 meters and 25 bar for upper heights, during for 2 hours.