When it comes to protecting facilities, you can opt for 2 types of fire detection systems.

Conventional detection system

        - For open areas with few rooms.

        - It is a simple and cheap system.

        - Works through the continuous measurement, of the resistance of the line.

        - Detects alarms and faults by zones. In these areas there may be up to 32 detectors or 10 manual pushbuttons.

        - It is not recommended for facilities with multiple rooms, such as offices or hotels. Otherwise it is necessary to install remote indicators, to distinguish the origin of the alarm.

Analog detection system

        - It is used for large areas or in case of multiple rooms

        - Works with loops. With each loop, depending on the manufacturer, you can control more than 200 points, including detectors, pushbuttons and modules.

        - Detects the alarms and faults individually.

        - It allows to measure the level of dirt of each detector, facilitating the maintenance.

        - Equipment may be canceled individually, such as detectors, pushbuttons or control and monitor modules.

        - It allows to program specific actions, for example to active the sounders and close the doors of only one zone, depending on the detectors or pushbuttons in alarm.