Portable fire extinguishers are the most common system used for fires specially in Spain. We can find several types, but the most common are those of dust and CO2.

Dry chemical extinguishers: They are made up of a dry chemical powder that is expelled using nitrogen or CO2, and normally the cartridge is integrated into the same extinguisher, but that we can also find it outside. They are used for several fires, in which the fuel can be type A (solid materials), B (liquid or liquid solids) and C (gases). Its effectiveness may vary depending on the extinguisher.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers: Those that contain CO2 in a liquid form. When it is expelled, the same container gets frozen, by the change of liquid-gas state. They are used for type B fires (liquid or liquefied solids, such as plastic). They are commonly used to protect electrical hazards, since they do not cause any damage to electronic equipment, leaving no residue after the extinction.

Water + foam extinguishers: They contain a mixture of water with a 100% biodegradable foam, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are suitable for use in type F fires, generated by the combustion of vegetable or animal fats. These types of fires are originated normally in kitchens.

Metal extinguishers: These types of extinguishers are special for metal origin such as sodium, magnesium, potassium or many others that are reduced in small particles such as aluminum.