The Direction of SIDETEX INSTALACIONES, S.L.  states that it is our will and priority objective to pay maximum attention in each of the activities we execute, in each decision we adopt and in each action we take.

This Quality Policy is defined within the organization's purpose which is the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems, executed with quality and economically profitable, and serves as a framework for the establishment of quality objectives.

This philosophy must be assumed in each of the Departments through the faithful fulfillment of the following principles:

  • Full satisfaction of our customers, offering products and services that meet their expectations. Therefore, we focus our actions to identify, evaluate and define the client's requirements, their needs and expectations, in order to satisfy them.
  • Systematically control each and every one of the relevant factors on which the Quality of our products and services depends.
  • Motivate all our collaborators in terms of quality.
  • Comply with all the specifications, norms, legal requirements or other established ones.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the quality management system through the establishment of performance indicators, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation thereof, as well as the setting of quality objectives and improvement in the functions and relevant levels of the organization.
  • Obtain maximum economic benefits for business activity by optimizing the use of associated resources, incorporating new technologies for this.

This Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.