General legislation

Royal Decree 513/2017 Regulation of fire protection installations

Technical building Code. Basic Document Security in Case of Fire (CTI DB SI)

Royal Decree 2267/2004 Regulation of Fire Safety in industrial establishments

ROYAL DECREE 485/1997, of April 14, on minimum provisions regarding safety and health at work signage

ROYAL DECREE 486/1997, of April 14, which establishes minimum safety and health provisions in workplaces

ROYAL DECREE 1216/1997, of July 18, which establishes minimum health and safety at work provisions on board fishing vessels


ROYAL DECREE 1627/1997, of October 24, which establishes minimum health and safety regulations for construction works

ROYAL DECREE 393/2007, of March 23, which approves the Basic Regulation of Self-protection of centers, establishments and dependencies dedicated to activities that may give rise to emergency situations.


Legislation for specific sectors

ORDER of September 25, 1979, on the prevention of fires in tourist establishments
ORDER of October 24, 1979, on fire protection in health facilities
ROYAL DECREE 2816/1982, of 27 of August, by which the General Regulation of Police of Public Spectacles and Recreational Activities is approved
ORDER of July 6, 1984, approving the complementary technical instructions of the Regulation on Technical Conditions and Safety Guarantees in Power Plants, Substations and Transformation Centers
ROYAL DECREE 1523/1999 Regulation of petroleum installations
ROYAL DECREE 919/2006, of July 28, which approves the technical regulation of distribution and use of gaseous fuels and their complementary technical instructions ICG 01 to 11
ROYAL DECREE 130_2017 Explosives Regulations (cartridges and pyrotechnics)
ORDER of July 27, 1999 by which the conditions that fire extinguishers installed in vehicles for transporting people or goods are to be determined
ROYAL DECREE 1215/1997, of 18 of July, by which establish the minimum dispositions of hygiene and health for the use by the workers of the work teams
ROYAL DECREE 656_2017 Regulation of Storage of Chemical Products and its complementary technical instructions
ROYAL DECREE 888/2006, of July 21, which approves the Regulation on the storage of fertilizers based on ammonium nitrate with a nitrogen content equal to or less than 28% of the mass
ROYAL DECREE 138/2011, of 4 February, by which the Regulation of security for installations is approved refrigerators and their complementary technical instructions